MGT-825-O500 Topic 6 Discussion GCU



MGT-825-O500 Topic 6 Discussion GCU

Module 6 DQ 1

Individuals share more information about themselves publicly than ever before through social media and
other electronic means. Individuals also desire to privately retain more information about themselves
electronically than ever before with no intention to disclose such information including social security
numbers, tax returns, credit card information, banking information, and medical records. Consider the Cook
article found in the Class Resources for this topic. Do you agree with the position asserted by Mr. Cook? Why
or why not? What obligations do businesses have to maintain clients’ personal information in confidence?
Does the government have the right, in light of national security concerns, to override the public’s expectation
of privacy? Support your position.

Module 6 DQ 2

Bananafarm Corporation stores all of its sensitive information online through data encrypted technology
designed to provide security against third-party hackers. This data includes sensitive customer information as
well as trade secrets, customer lists, research and development activities, and other proprietary information.
What do you believe are the best approaches Bananafarm can take to protect this sensitive proprietary
information and reduce the organization’s risk of having this information end up in the hands of competitors
or criminals? Explain.

MGT-825-O500 Topic 6 Discussion GCU
Custom MGT-825-O500 Topic 6 Discussion GCU


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