MGT-825-O500 Topic 4 Discussion GCU



MGT-825-O500 Topic 4 Discussion GCU

Module 4 DQ 1

PowerSource develops a new charger that will charge any small electronic device wirelessly that is located
within 10 feet of the charger. Is this new invention patentable? Why or why not? Even though PowerSource
invents the technology first, what happens if SuperCharge, a close competitor, files a patent on this new
invention first? What advice would you give to PowerSource to protect its investment in the research and
development of this technology? Why?

Module 4 DQ 2

Captain Electric is a company that regularly invents new technology and files for hundreds of patents every year. The patents provide legal protection for the company’s intellectual property. To what extent, then, does
the company need to engage in patent management? Explain. Does your view change if the patent is for a
technology that improves consumer safety? Why or why not?

MGT-825-O500 Topic 4 Discussion GCU
Custom MGT-825-O500 Topic 4 Discussion GCU


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