MGT-825-O500 Topic 3 Discussion GCU



MGT-825-O500 Topic 3 Discussion GCU

Module 3 DQ 1

An animated film company develops a fictional children’s character named Squish Fish that travels the ocean
and saves surfers from shark attacks. The company creates and sells a series of comic books detailing the
many adventures of Squish Fish as well as a movie and various products using the name and image of Squish
Fish. Identify the intellectual property items possibly created by the company that are potential candidates for
trademarks and copyright protection. Can the company seek federal trademark or copyright protection for
those items? Why or why not?

Module 3 DQ 2

Ralph Knight creates a shoe company called Footin’, which sells its shoes under that brand name. His company
becomes a huge success when he signs an agreement with a legendary basketball player to design and sell a
new brand of Footin’ shoes called Sky Star. Footin’ even creates a jingle to help market and sell the shoes that
goes: “My jumps are higher because I’m wearing Stars!” Identify the intellectual property that has been
created. What are the most important steps to take to protect this intellectual property? Why are these

MGT-825-O500 Topic 3 Discussion GCU
Custom MGT-825-O500 Topic 3 Discussion GCU


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