MGT-825-O500 Topic 8 Discussion GCU



MGT-825-O500 Topic 8 Discussion GCU

Module 8 DQ 1

Edward Sour owns and leases a building where Crazy Coco manufactures and sells various candies. Crazy Coco
signed a 4-year lease at a fixed monthly lease fee. Mr. Sour believes Crazy Coco has violated the terms of the
lease and sends a demand letter stating that he is terminating the lease unless Crazy Coco agrees to an
immediate 20% increase in its monthly lease payments. What methods for resolving this dispute are available
to the parties? What are the ramifications of pursuing each different method? Which method do you believe is
to the greatest advantage of both parties? Why?

Module 8 DQ 2

What is meant by alignment of dissertation components? Explain. How does the theoretical framework align to
the problem statement and purpose statement? Why is this important to the dissertation?

MGT-825-O500 Topic 8 Discussion GCU
Custom MGT-825-O500 Topic 8 Discussion GCU


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